July 15 Work Party Scheduled

Our 2nd 2017 work party will be Saturday July 15. Work parties are always the 3rd saturday of the month from June to September.

In July we will meet as usual at the Barlow Pass gate at 9:00 – from there we will travel to the new access road and then into the townsite. Our main objective will be to relocate the timber pile which is currently scattered downhill from the United Concentrator site; it was washed away when Glacier Creek jumped the bank late in 2015; we recovered the pile from the dry creek bed late 2016.

We now need to relocate the pile up near Dumas Street to facilitate building an interpretive structure on the MCPA lots on Dumas Street. It will likely be a whole day job just to relocate the 50+ timbers weighing more than 5 tons in total. We will have mechanized transport equipment on site but can also use all the man power possible to most effectively complete this task. Please contact us to let us know you’ll be joining us to help with this project.

There will also be plenty of other work needing done if you want to join us.

Photos below of the stacked and steam-strewn timbers, followed by the current state of the lumber pile.

Please RSVP to those listed on the MCPA “Contact Us” page so we have an idea who to wait for at Barlow.

Lumber Move (7)

Lumber Move (15)

June 17 Work Party Recap

Our June 17th work party was met with great attendance and great weather. We installed the bulletin board at the clay slide (3/4 mile in from Barlow Pass) then caravanned to the townsite on the new access road. There we did brushing of Dumas St and the turntable, secured the Forest Service Cabins, and did some ground cleanup and surveying at the MCPA lots on Dumas Street.

Some members worked from BLM maps to locate the corners of the former Trump (Drumpf) property; this is visible just over the Sunday Creek foot bridge; turn right just after crossing the creek, before you reach the powerhouse.

David Cameron educated members and visitors with his knowledge and period photographs. A high school student from Bellevue did some filming for a journalism project.

Lunch Break June 2017

June 17 Work Party Scheduled

The MCPA will have it’s first 2017 monthly work party on June 17. We will meet at the gate at Barlow Pass at 9:00 AM. There we will correct any trail issues up to twin bridges and re-install our bulletin board. We will then proceed to the new access gate and drive into Monte, again correcting road issues as we encounter them.

We will do anyneeded cleanup and maintenance in the townsite, then head to the MCPA lots (on Dumas Street) to begin assessment of the site for our interpretive plans. We will be surveying, brushing the site and marking borders.

MCPA members and the public are welcome and encouraged to attend the work party. You can choose whatever type of work you are suited for – trail building, brush cutting, log & rock moving, etc. Bring whatever implements you feel appropriate. If you are a member with a signed road waiver you can drive into the work location; others can ride in member vehicles, room permitting. We typically work from 9:00 until 12 or 1, then have a group lunch and then disperse.