2020 Work Party Plans

The MCPA’s 2020 work party dates are set and will commence on June 20.

Volunteer work parties are always the 3rd Saturday of the month starting in June and going into fall as weather permits (typically October). This will include (at a minimum) June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19 and October 17.

We will always meet at the Barlow Pass gate (adjacent to trailhead parking for Monte Cristo, Gothic Basin and Barlow Point trails) with intent to depart at 9:00, so plan to arrive by 8:45 to be safe. Barlow Pass is 30 miles east of Granite Falls on the Mountain Loop highway; plan on a 40 minute drive from Granite.

Once everyone has gathered at Barlow we will disperse to locations deemed relevant for the day’s planned work. This may include work on the old county road/trail from Barlow, work on the old railway route heading west from Barlow, or driving into the town to perform work in the townsite and adjacent trails. We will always have room for ride sharing into the townsite; a capable all wheel drive vehicle is necessary.

This year we are considering the idea of having some 2-day work parties with a Saturday to Sunday overnight stay. This would significantly increase the time available for work in the townsite as driving both to Barlow and into the townsite can easily consume 4 hours round trip, so getting two days work out of that trip would be a huge benefit. We’ll provide more details on these plans as they materialize. Certainly this will not be the plan for the June 20 work party, but could occur as early as July.

Plans for this years work parties include completing the re-roofing project on Forest Service Cabin #4, preparing the grounds and installing our interpretative signage on the MCPA townsite lots, further assessment and preparations for the planned interpretative structure/facade, and the ever present need to do brushing work within the townsite and adjoining trails. We are fortunate to have been able to keep these public areas well maintained and within check. Without our constant upkeep on these areas, the historical townsite, especially the former rail yard (where the Forest Service cabins are) would be completely overgrown, versus the beautiful grass meadow it is today.

Please bring weather appropriate gear and sufficient nourishment for your attendance. A typical work party will last until early afternoon, with a expected departure from the townsite by 3:00. Due to restrictions on the CERCLA road gate key and the slow travel speed, it is prohibitive to arrange for more than one entry and exit from the townsite (exception: when we do plan an overnight stay, volunteers who can only attend one day will be accommodated).

MCPA can always provide ground and brushing tools, but feel free to bring your own (clippers, trimmers, hand saws, chain saws, etc) so that there is ample to go around. MCPA will always supply any tools or supplies needed for construction work.

Feel free to email us as listed on the “Contact” page if you have questions on work party plans. Also let us know if you do plan to attend a work party so we can know who to expect at Barlow. We don’t want to leave anyone behind!