Volunteer Work Party June 19, 2021 @ 9:00AM

Meet us at Barlow Pass for the first MCPA volunteer work party of 2021. There are a lot of wind fallen trees on the old county route and trail that we will be working to clear. Weather outlook is good mid-70’s with little chance of rain. Dress for work and bring adequate food and drink for yourself. Activities may include hiking upriver along the old county road and carrying tools and supplies.

Meet at Barlow Pass green gate by 9:00AM. Barlow Pass is 30 miles east of Granite Falls on the Mountain Loop Highway. We will be waiting as a group at the Barlow Pass Gate up until 9:00AM, at which point we will begin working, going further upriver as the day progresses. Stay as long as you like, but we typically work until 3:00ish.