Due to delays in resuming road construction from Mowich (below Barlow Pass on the Darrington side) to the top of Hap’s Hill on our existing county road, we anticipate hiking in to Monte Cristo should be possible until at least the end of July.  When the contractor reaches Hap’s Hill, the Forest Service plans to close the area for safety reasons as work to improve the last two miles into the town site continues into autumn.  How this current delay will affect the project schedule is unknown.

We are planning to have Saturday work parties on July 27, August 3, and August 10 to prepare the townsite area as much as possible for the cleanup exclusion, which will last all of 2014, to the best of our knowledge.  If you would like to help us with sign removal and storage, brushing, and trail maintenance, please join us!  We will hike in to Twin Bridges and then have transportation to and from town from the far side. Bringing the Land Rover across the river for rides will depend upon approval of our hydraulics permit by state fisheries.

Pack a sack lunch and water, dress accordingly for weather, and bring along suitable tools for the task/s you would like to do. Space will be limited in the vehicle.  Plan to meet at the clayslide area inside the Barlow Pass gate at 9 a.m., with transportation out in the late afternoon.

Any changes will be posted on the website, or call us at (360) 793-1534 for further information.

  Note:  With cancellation of the town site host program this summer due to the cleanup there will be no regular maintenance of the campground at Monte Cristo or toilet facilities beyond Twin Bridges.