Access Road Update

Bill and David later talked with Forest Service On-Site Director Joe Gibbens at Verlot. He said that Palm Construction Co. of Winthrop has the contract, and their trucks were hauling top dressing for the first 3000′ of the pioneer road. Starting this coming week their full crew will be working seven days per week on the project, starting with construction of the first of three stream crossing bridges between the end of the pioneer road and the junction with the existing county road atop Hap’s Hill. How well the first bridge goes together will determine the speed at which the following two might be assembled and indicate if the road might be completed by the onset of autumn rains in October. All three will have precast concrete sills with log stringers. The first two are 45-50′ long, the second 60′.

There is a possibility that we might be allowed to drive in on the road late this fall once it is completed to the townsite. That will be for removal of cabin items and MCPA supplies which might otherwise have to be left until we are allowed back in come he summer of 2015. If the road is incomplete that option will not exist.

Public access as before will end once the construction reaches the top of Hap’s Hill, as equipment will be operating on the final two miles of the county road. The major spot for widening will be the section where the river has eroded a hole under the grade and exposed the old railroad rails. At this point we probably will be able to hike in until the end of September/start of October. We will post updates as we receive them from project director Gibbens.