August 19 2017 Work Party Scheduled

Our 3nd 2017 work party will be Saturday August 19. Work parties are always the 3rd Saturday of the month from June to October.

In August we will meet as usual at the Barlow Pass gate at 9:00 – from there we will travel to the new access road and then into the townsite. Our main objective will be to complete the relocation of the timber pile which is downhill from the United Concentrator site; it was washed away when Glacier Creek jumped the bank late in 2015; we recovered the pile from the dry creek bed late 2016. We moved the majority of the pile in July but have a small number of smaller timbers that still need moved. These timbers are being located uphill to near the MCPA townsite lots where there will ultimately be used for building an interpretive structure and visitor information center.

There will also be plenty of other work needing done if you want to join us. Contact us as seen on the Contact page if you have any questions.

We’ll work to at least 2:00 PM and may have a group of persons stay later if there is still work to be done.