Featured: Scale Model Everett & Monte Cristo Railway

Local Washington resident Didrik Voss has created an impressive scale model replica of the Everett and Monte Cristo Railway. The layout covers the entire line from Everett to Monte Cristo, with all major stops and industries featured along the line. The layout has been covered in many model railroad magazines and is quite impressive to see, with detail down to the machinery installed inside the United Companies concentrator at Monte Cristo. Enjoy the below photos of the layout.

Didrik is currently working on a new project, creating a digital rendition of the same railway and surrounding towns using a computer simulation program. The detail in this model is amazing; Didrik uses original plat maps and photographs to literally recreate each individual building and feature of the towns in a 3D model. When complete, you’ll actually be able to “fly thru” the layout and witness the railway as seen by a passenger on the railway.

Reduction works in Everett

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Reduction works in Everett

July Work Party Scheduled for Sat July 21 9:00AM

Meet July 21 at Barlow Pass gate 9:00 AM. We have plans to bring paint equipment and supplies to put a fresh coat of red paint on the 3 resort cabins in the railroad yard. Plenty of work for everyone…we’ll also be brushing and road and trail maintenance as needed. Plan for a beautiful, warm and productive day!

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