Volunteer Work Party September 21, 2019

Our next 2019 work party is scheduled for Saturday September 21 (always the 3rd Saturday of the month).

In august we had a great turnout and volunteers accomplished a lot of trail work and brushing around the townsite cabins. We also completed some structural repairs on the Forest Service resort cabin #4 (up above the lodge site) and completed preparing the roof for new shingles (at least on the first half/side). Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with labor and packing materials and tools to the work sites.

A sizable job for this months work party will be installing the shingles on the now repaired roof of cabin #4. This job has consumed much of the year-to-date work parties and we hope to have that half of the roof replaced before the end of the season. Several volunteer’s help can be used to assist with others who will be installing the shingles, so even if you don’t enjoy working on roofs, you can still help from the ground.

Plan to meet at Barlow pass for a 9:00 departure to the new road and gate. You need not park at barlow – just come find us at the old gate and we’ll direct you towards the new gate. We’ll plan on having our entire crew mobile on the new road by 9:10. If you want to volunteer but need a ride we can certainly provide room to get you into the townsite.

We’ll plan on working in the townsite until about 3:00 so please plan on staying that duration. We will likely only have 1 key to the gate meaning we must all make one entrance and one exit.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Also notable – David Hartze put the final touches on the new MCPA bulletin board on the old county road – giving visitors good guidance on reaching Monte Cristo and providing MCPA a permanent place to post Monte Cristo and MCPA information. A photo of the newly completed board is shown below.