Volunteer Work Party October 16, 2021 @ 9:00AM

Friday night update

Yes we will meet saturday 10/16

Meet us at Barlow Pass Saturday October 16 for the next MCPA volunteer work party. We will drive the first 3/4 mile of the county road then hike towards town, clearing brush and tending to trailwork along the way.

Due to uncertain fall weather – this work party is weather dependent. We will reschedule if the forecast for Saturday is less than desirous. Please check back here at mcpa.us for a final update Friday afternoon. If there is a need to postpone, it will be noted here, otherwise plan for Saturday the 16th as noted.

Meet at Barlow Pass green gate by 9:00AM. Barlow Pass is 30 miles east of Granite Falls on the Mountain Loop Highway. We will be waiting as a group at the Barlow Pass Gate up until 9:00AM, at which point we will drive upriver on the old county road. Stay as long as you like, but we typically work until 3:00ish. Those hiking into town may choose to stay longer, in order to make better use of the trip.

Fall weather is upon us, so dress accordingly and/or bring a change of clothes.