July 20 Work Party Details

We are all set to go on the July 20 Saturday work party. Plan is to meet up at Barlow Pass and depart @ 9:00 to head in to the town. Current plan is to work until 2:00 PM, although if there is sufficient work and willingness remaining, we’ll also accommodate a later exit time. A 2:00 PM exodus really only amounts to 4 hours of work time in the townsite, so that should be considered the earliest exit time.

The materials for Cabin #4 re-roof project are loaded and ready to truck to the townsite bridge – from where many hands and feet will be needed to transport them to Cabin 4. There are a lot of pieces, but taken in small amounts in should not be a difficult job. I will bring a handtruck for assisting with the shingle bundles; feel free to bring a wheelbarrow or handtruck of your own if possible.

In addition to moving the materials and additional work on tearing off the old cabin #4 roof, we can also use construction help installing the new sheathing boards and there is ample brushcutting that can be done around the townsite. In other words, if you come, we’ll have work for you.