Final 2017 Work Party October 28

We have rescheduled last week’s rained out work party to October 28. We will be concentrating on road and trail work between Barlow Pass and Happs Hill – most notably between the clayslide and Weden House. There are several fallen trees to remove and much trimming of the new growth trees and bushes along the roadway.

We will meet at the Barlow Pass gate at 8:30 AM and head in; we will not plan to use the new access road or venture into the townsite on this day. If you arrive after 8:30, you’ll find us along the roadway somewhere beyond the Barlow Pass gate. We’ll work until early afternoon.

There are also loose plans to do some end of season work at the townsite November 4th; if interested in participating then, contact us for details as found on the “Contact” page above.

Also note the Winter Social has been scheduled for February 3 at 5:30 PM at Jenning’s Barn in Marysville. More details to come.

October 21 Work Party POSTPONED

We have chosen to postpone the Oct 21 Work Party due to forecasted heavy rain showers and high winds. The new access road could suffer damage and using the log crossing at high water is not advised.

Stay tuned for future updates!

October 21 Work Party Scheduled

Our final 2017 work party will be Saturday October 21. Work parties are always the 3rd Saturday of the month from June to October.

We will meet at the new access road gate, 1 mile past Barlow Pass, with plan to begin the drive in at 9:00 AM. This will relieve congestion at Barlow and simplify the meet and entrance logistics.

We will be removing the MCPA bulletin board from the clay slide for winter storage, brushing (work needing done between twin bridges and the new access road), acting as hosts in the townsite, possibly doing some layout work on the MCPA lot for our interpretive structure, and any other tasks to ready the area for winter.

There will be plenty of other work needing done if you want to join us. Contact us as seen on the Contact page if you have any questions.

We’ll work to at least 1:00 PM and may have a group of persons stay later if there is still work to be done.

Come prepared for the weather – it could be 75 degrees….or it could be snowing.