Mountain Loop Highway opened / Monte Cristo Access update

The Mountain Loop Highway Deer Creek gate was opened [early] on April 19. This means you can now drive from Granite Falls to Barlow Pass. The MLH is still closed between Barlow Pass and Bedal.

Access to the townsite is open as well, a 4 mile hike from Barlow Pass.

You may have heard mention of the “crossing log” being swept away at twin bridges over the winter. Indeed it did move downstream a bit, and is no longer accessible from the west river bank. However, with the way the river channels have changed, there is an easy footpath to cross the rocky riverbed just downstream from the log. Turn left to the river just before the wooden outhouse, and walk up the riverbed to the location of the log, where you’ll again meet up with the trail. We’ll be flagging this area soon to guide visitors.

Also, the Barlow Pass gate was damaged by an automobile in November 2023. Our normal lock system is not operational and the gate is currently chained shut. We’ll post an update here when members will again be able to use their gate key to access the first mile of the Monte Cristo Road.